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since childhood, my hands and feet have been sweating more than just a little, I tried anti-sweat injections at first, even twice, but it always worked on me for only 1 month and it wasn't exactly a cheap thing. In 2015, I underwent thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) and immediately after the operation, everything was in perfect order. Within 4 months, however, I developed compensatory sweating on my head, back and also my feet sweating significantly worsened. In desperation, I searched the internet and discovered my first iontophoresis machine. It helped me with sweating partially and for about 1 week, then I had to repeat the treatment. It was a relief, but at the same time, very time consuming. Over the last 5 years, I have tried 8 iontophoresis machines and found that the differences in effect are huge, compared to my first machine, I have now been dry for many months and I only have to repeat the treatment once or twice a year. It occurred to me, that I could help similarly suffering people and created this site where you can independently add your reviews of iontophoresis machines and their effects on you. After all, they are not the cheapest and in my experience it is useless to spend hundreds of dollars on an iontophoresis machine that keeps you dry for only a few days, when there is such a large selection and some of them can keep you dry for months, not to mention the soreness of therapies, there also, the differences are not exactly small. I personally verify the evaluation of the iontophoresis machines according to the photo of the label (marker, usually on the back or side of the machine), so that everything is regular. If you feel that the site is not working properly or you would like to improve something together, I am available via this contact form.